Sandwich Printing

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We offer flawless solutions including the most demanding 3D designs:

1) Standard sandwich printing: the combination of a 50 micrometer white matt film
   and a 30 micrometer lamination installed with a clear cross-link permanent acrylic
   adhesive. This solution offers excellent dimensional stability and a superb
   lifespan of 10-12 years.

2) A cost-optimized solution: this method allows for printing on VWS (“wrapping” film)
   – the great symbiosis of the newly applied with the underlying material is apparent
   in the beautiful results. Most customers find the film easy to work with (for example
   when washed or ultimately when removed) and appreciate its exceptional
   visual qualities.

3) An unusual, yet ingenious solution: this technique combines two identical materials,
   creating a more economical “sandwich,” which remarkably increases its quality.
   Many customers prefer this solution, as it provides double the mechanical protection
   and more than triple the UV protection. As with option 2, this method nicely
   complements the VWS and does not worsen its appearance in any way.