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Bruxsafol Automotive Films are highly sought-after for their durable, multi-function properties, including: cutting UV penetration, managing interior temperatures, and increasing privacy.

As with our films for buildings, our vehicle films provide interior temperature regulation. Depending on the particular film type, some absorb / reflect up to 89% of infrared (i.e., thermal) and 99% of UV radiation. Professionally installed films also reduce glare (prolonged exposure to sunlight causes headaches, sore eyes, and fatigue). Bruxsafol Automotive Films prevent this by creating a comfortable and safe environment for drivers and passengers.

Our films noticeably increase the life of interior materials while lowering air-conditioning and heating requirements. Furthermore, they decrease the visual exposure of the interior, thereby increasing privacy and obscuring the visibility of interior items. During impact, our films prevent loose glass  shards from being strewn; instead, the shards remain attached to the film as one whole, preventing injury.

Select from our wide range of dim to bright color shading to complement your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Safe, stylish, serene, simple.