Automotive Paint Protection Film

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Clear protective films that effectively protect bodywork from superficial damage while reducing the risk of corrosion, all without changing the color or appearance of the vehicle.

Transparent films are applied using a special method onto non-glass exterior surfaces, ranging from selected parts (including the hood, front bumper and mask) all the way up to the entire (non-glass) vehicle exterior.

These products are a barely visible, weatherproof layer that provides protection against harmful chemicals released by traffic. There are several different Safex automotive safety film types that differ by the level of protection they offer. In general, they represent an effective barrier against scratches from twigs, small stones, or careless cleaning in lower-quality carwashes. They protect the surface from small mishaps, including protection from “door dings” (doors bumping another car while opening in a parking lot), minor driving accidents, and intentional acts of vandalism.

Selected high-quality materials and professional installation by trained staff are a reliable guarantee of long-lasting durability and simple, harmless removal if necessary.