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Partial or complete automobile colour change via adhesive PVC films is a new, trending, and dynamic technology. Our highly trained team can significantly enhance your vehicle’s appearance in a single day. Additionally, all our films can easily be replaced or removed any time. Our colour altering automotive films are an economical means of unifying corporate fleets or customizing individual vehicles with a range of possibilities limited only by your imagination.

More than anywhere else, this technology requires the finest materials, meticulous preparation, and professional installation. With years of experience, KPMF materials provide exceptional quality, outstanding performance, and lasting reliability. These materials are regularly tested in laboratories in the USA, Mexico, and Great Britain. KPMF films are colour stable and are applied using a special semi-adhesive system (for easy repositioning and removal). Alternatively, we use advanced Airelease glue (for convenient and quick application without air bubbles). An ideal combination of dimensional stability and great strength guarantees successful adhesion to any auto body surface.

Safex trains and coaches the most talented and experienced teams to improve methods and procedures of application, maintenance, and removal of films. KPMF films are ISO certified and meet the high standards of the automotive industry. There are specific technical and safety data sheets related to each set of materials.